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Basic Graphic Design Skills That Everyone should know

Graphic designers must possess many skills in order to be successful. From technical knowledge to an understanding of how to design, they must be well versed in everything. There are many things that constitute a great graphic designer besides deep knowledge about the field, being up to date with current trends, and having relevant skills. Every company needs a fantastic graphic designer with wonderful creativity and skill to satisfy its brand and business requirements. At Elan Creation, an Advertising and Digital Marketing Company we have a team of great graphic designers who create design with creativity and skills to portray your brand to the best.

Basic Graphic Design Skills That Everyone should know

Some skills that are prominent for every Graphic designer are:

❖ In depth Knowledge about Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop is one of the 20+ Adobe Creative Cloud apps that graphic designers use to edit enhanced images and designs, and it has become one of the most popular. Using pixels, Adobe Photoshop creates images and offers several editing features, including cropping, color correction, resizing, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. Using Adobe Photoshop skills is a task that is unachievable without practice and training. You can even blur unnecessary noise in pictures and modify shapes, sizes, and colors to make the design look more appealing.

❖ Adobe In Design:

Graphic design skills such as this are about 20 years old and still relevant today. During the past decade, Adobe InDesign has emerged as the most effective desktop publishing and typesetting program for graphic designers. InDesign is a typesetting and desktop publishing program that replaced Quark when it appeared. For graphic designers, it may seem complicated at first, but it can prove helpful and full of possibilities after training.

❖ Adobe Illustrator:

Graphic designers use Illustrator to create digital images like logos, images illustrations, animated pictures, graphs, etc. Illustrator is the third most popular graphic design skill recruiters look for when hiring a designer. The graphic design software was released in 1987 by Adobe, and it uses pixels instead of vectors to create images. Among the essential graphic design skills, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are highly regarded because they are designed to work seamlessly together.

❖ Typography Knowledge:

Did you know there is such a thing as Happy and Sad fonts? Font styles are more than just design elements. They enhance the design and add to the message. Typography is the art of writing in certain styles to make the text readable and visually appealing. A design's typography can help to establish a brand identity, and graphic designers are familiar with the science behind font design and functionality.

❖ Color Theory:

Graphic designers need to understand the color theory in order to design effectively. Colors can be quite cryptic and can make a big impact on those who see them. Graphic design takes into account the appearance (hue) purity (chroma), and paleness/saturation (lightning) of colors. With appealing color schemes and visual interfaces, designers can communicate with users more effectively.

❖ Storytelling Skills:

Putting across the idea behind your design is one of the most important aspects of being a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you must be able to explain your ideas and stand by your work whether you're presenting it internally, with customers, or with clients. That's why storytelling is so important. Every graphic designer should have storytelling skills that they can portray easily from their designs.

Wrapping Up:

Graphic Design is something that needs a lot of creativity, skill, and knowledge, to portray your brand with something innovative. The designer should have the urge to create something new and unique everyday. Elan Creation, a graphic design agency in Bangalore always come up with new ideas and creativity to depict your brand and the product on any platform.

Graphic design portrays the entire business design, and the creative weather is social media marketing or offline marketing design is the key to success for any brand. Design has the capacity to tell your brand’s story to the audience and create a brand that depicts your company's personality. Doing everything with perfection is not a easy feat, and without creativity and designing storytelling is just impossible all this skills make the graphic designer.